Nutrition Coaching

Thank you for choosing North Dallas for your Nutritional Coaching plan!


With your enrollment in the program you will be paired with a Nutritional Coach for guidance and accountability, be part of a private Facebook group of your peers and be invited to ongoing nutritional workshops.


Our mission is to help you reach your goals in an easy, effective, and enjoyable way! During the time spent on this program, our plan is to educate you on important parts of nutrition and to serve as a guide in your journey. This is not a diet. This is not restrictive. This is not a one size fits all program. This is flexible. This program will be individualized to you, based on your body, activity level and your personal goals. The numbers, feedback and adjustments will change based on what you need.

We set out to help people achieve their nutritional needs based on the experience and success we experienced for ourselves on this plan. This nutrition plan is flexible “dieting” and it is just that: flexible enough to do long term, but disciplined enough to work short term. The program is based on numbers and timing, more so than restriction or eating only certain foods. The key is to eat the right amounts at the right times. You can control how well it works. The way this plan is designed is by taking the body composition, performance goals, and activity level into consideration. It can be continually tailored to meet your needs and adjusted based on your honest feedback that you provide to your coaches.


You don’t have to be hungry, weak, or missing out to reach your health and nutrition goals. You don’t have to do this alone.

We are here to be your support and to be on your team!



How does it work?

To keep it basic, it is simple science.  It is about the having a proper balance of calories in and calories out to help you have energy and reach your goals.  Many people unsuccessfully try new fads and quick fix diets, but basic science and your body’s natural process continue to be the key.  Your body burns calories as energy, and you add additional calories in the form of food and drink.  Some foods have more calories than others.  For example, foods that are high in fat and sugar are also high in calories.  If you eat more calories than your body uses for energy, the additional calories will be stored as extra body fat.

We start by determining your body’s maintenance caloriesMaintenance calories are the calories needed for your body to remain unchanged.  Then, the program becomes personalized.  We will adjust your total calories depending on your goals.  You might be at a caloric deficit (hypocaloric) or above maintenance (hypercaloric).  Then, you eat enough calories to meet your goals.  Using the right macronutrient breakdown and food quality / timing and food planning, you will begin to feel better, move better, and look better!

Why follow macros?

Calories are the number one dictator of fat loss or gain. Eat too many we store fat for use at later date. Eat too few and our bodies burn fat for fuel. When it comes to weight loss calories are king. When it comes to fat loss and muscle preservation, macros rule the land. When we focus on macros, rather than calories alone, we insure that we feed the body exactly what it needs to preserve muscle while in a deficit (thanks to protein), have enough energy for exercise, recovery and metabolism health (thanks to carbs) and well balance hormones (thanks to fat). If we only focus on calories we neglect each of the specific duties the macros perform and we limit the speed at which we burn fat and the amount of muscle that we preserve while dieting.

If you want to make the fastest fat loss results imaginable, focus on macros, and in doing so, your calories will add up every time. There is no way around it!

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